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So what exactly is a stylist, and how is this different from a planner? 


Your planner organizes, sources, manages, checks, controls, and trouble-shoots everything that needs to be done before, during, and oftentimes even after the event. 


A stylist, on the other hand, should have a background in design and is much more like the makeup artist of your wedding or event – responsible for everything that makes you and your guests feel amazed and carries you away into another world. 


The stylist will match your aesthetic with your personal style, from choosing the colours and fabrics, arranging the flowers (or working with the floral designer to execute their vision), creating the ambience, styling the tablescape, and more.

At Floret we offer bespoke Wedding + Event Design packages in London and beyond .


C R E A T I V E  D I R E C T I O N
W E D D I N G  D E S I G N
E V E N T  D E S I G N
O N   T H E  D A Y  W E D D I N G   S T Y L I N G
O N   T H E  D A Y  E V E N T   S T Y L I N G
W E D D I N G   W E B S I T E S

We look after everything that is aesthetic, from the smallest of details to the biggest - we are however not event or wedding planners and don't look after logistics, we leave the details up to the experts and work with some of the best wedding planners the UK has to offer.


We love to start the journey with an initial consultation so we can get to know a bit about each other and a bit about what you want your day to look like. 


Feeling comfortable and confident with your stylist is incredibly important so we want you to walk away (or put the phone down) feeling 100% confident in your choice.


These consultations are 20 minutes and are complimentary. 


In preparation for this consultation, we just ask that you bring along (or send us) the images that you love and that you want to achieve so we can give you a realistic budget based on what you want. 

Our packages start at £900.


You can of course set a budget that you feel comfortable with or after we have had the initial consultation we can present you with a quote based on everything you would love us to do. 

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