White Flower Story

So many couples come to me and have little or no idea what flowers they want. Some have one or two favourites and others a complete list. Any of these is absolutely perfect, but often our Pinterest dream boards don't take into account seasons or country specific blooms or foliage.

I am going to go through my favourite colour stories based on wedding flowers in Paris.

Our first being a white story.

Is there even such a thing as a perfect white flower? The answer is yes and no. Yes occasionally we can get a pure white flower but more often than not there are shades of white or cream or even lemons or blush within one flower or even a bunch.

Florists need to order flowers in set quantities, depending on the flower this may be as little as ten stems or as many as fifty stems. We can never order just one stem and for a lot of my personal favourites (sweet pea as an example) I have to order fifty stems as a minimum and then if I say need seventy stems I have to order one hundred stems.

Ordering is one of the most complex parts of floristry. It is a juggling act between what we want, what we can afford and what is in season.

The one part that is always unknown though is what we get. Most (not all) but most of the flowers we need for your wedding will need to be pre-ordered. We can't just turn up to the markets for a wedding and expect to find what we want in the right colour on any given day so we have to secure our favourite flowers before your wedding, sometimes up to a month before. We order these based on our knowledge of the flower and pictures. What we get is dependant on many things. The growers variety, the time in the flowers lifespan they were picked, soil, sun and all the goodness mother nature brings to creating flowers.

This can mean that a bunch of white (or any colour for that matter) flowers can range in tone. For this reason we can never guarantee an exact colour. Most florists will have something in their contract that says that we do our best to order a colour tone but mother nature can have other plans. And to be honest the texture and depth these subtle or not so subtle colour tones makes in a bouquet or table centre amazing!!

But when looking at flowers or stories or talking to your florist and when getting your flowers it is always best to be flexible. Definitely have a colour story but to know that this will have possible tonal differences and know that these nuances add so much to the beauty.

Here is an example of my favourite white rose, the first image shows this spray rose in its perfect 'white' which is really more cream - this variety is specifically termed white, the second image shows that within a bunch or even a stem how this beautiful 'white' rose can throw blush and does so often...still gorgeous right!!

Now you can see the subtle (or not so subtle difference in tones) here are a few of my favourite wedding whites -













Images from Pinterest - Evergreen Flower Co

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