Wedding Florist in Paris

My grandfather had French ancestry so I grew up hearing French, learning about France and sharing his adventures, so even though it didn't register with me until I was in my 40's I had a longing for France from a very young age.

Maybe it is in my genes, or maybe it is the fact I am a hopeless romantic. The architecture, the culture, the food (when good) are all spell-binding and the fact that I get to be a florist in Paris absolutely blows my mind!! For a NZ girl that is the stuff dreams are made of!

I had worked as wedding Stylist for many years and due to a florist letting a bride down making flowers sort of fell into my lap and within a matter of what felt like moments they became a deep part of me and my business. I picked up flowers and it was like I knew them and they me.

Creating a wedding bouquet is one of my biggest joys, well I should be honest, so are buttonholes, and the first table centre (the first one of every wedding is always the most fun) and oh the stationery don't get me started on wedding stationery. If I am super honest it is all such a dream.

I am a creative at heart and I get bored easily so being a Wedding Florist and Wedding Stylist means that I never get bored. Each of my couples have their own unique style and no two weddings are ever the same so I literally never have the chance to get complaisant.

I have what I like to think of as a beautifully refined but organic style of design which fuses together the elegance of Paris, the beautiful architecture of Parisian buildings, fine lines and romantic cobbled streets whilst being contrasted with the wildly beautiful and organic landscape of my home country New Zealand. Long white clouds, snow peaked mountains and lush forests and greenery.

My clients and fellow wedding vendors are my passion, I adore creating weddings and I hope that if you are reading this we can share a wedding journey together some time.

Julia x

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