At Floret. we offer a bespoke floral design service, specialising in floral solutions for events and businesses in Kent, London and beyond. Whether you want flowers for an entrance, for your office space or for a function or event we can tailor a look to suit your business or brand.

We can look after everything from the floral design concept, right through to the execution, delivery and installation so whether you know exactly what you want or if have no idea, we can help you make your space look amazing. 

We absolutely believe in doing everything it takes to make things as effortless and stress free for you as possible. Florals in a business space or for an event create an atmosphere so we ensure we will create something that fits your businesses style whether that be classic, modern or to a certain colour palette. 

We don't have a minimum spend within Kent, Sussex or London.

IMPACT FLOWER            Garden Roses, Orchids, Hydrangea

LONG LASTING               Orchids, Carnations, Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemums, Lisianthus

FLORET FAVOURITES      We love making an impact - this is so dependant on your brand, whether

                                         that be flower heavy, foliage heavy, dried flowers or a mix. We love

                                         creating beautiful florals for you or your businesses.